Friday, September 24, 2010

Girls' Day Out

Today was a fun day.  Farrah and I decided today would be a great day to get some of our Xmas shopping done.  We got a bit of a late start, so we thought we should get some lunch first.  Yay!  That ALWAYS means sushi for us.  Yes, my daughter has begun her mature tastes a bit early for her age.  It pretty neat.  I always order her teriyaki chicken and rice as a back up, but she usually eats half of my various rolls.  She has yet to have tried something I have eaten and spit it out.  She always asks for more!  We shared our lunch and she got plenty of practice using chop sticks.  She is a trooper, too.  Absolutely, my kid is NO QUITTER!!!  She worked through the difficulties of those two pieces of wood and only caved a couple times to use the fork to just turn around and go back to the sticks.  So cool.

After lunch, my favorite nail salon was conveniently located next door.  I had asked her if she wanted to get her nails done with me.  YESSSS!  I needed a small nail repair, so why not?  We walked in and I took her to the massive colorful wall of various nail colors.  What color?  PURPLE!!! Purple?  Okay.  She sat still the whole time and watched in awe as her nails were pampered and colored.  Not only that, Ryan took the time to design snow flakes on one of her thumbs and holly on the other.  Then she had to go sit by herself under the fingernail lamp.  For   A   Long   Time.  But she toughed it out.  Today she learned the agony of beauty.  Then it was my turn.  Did I do the same as her?  Of course I did.  How could I not?  She kept asking me if I was going to do purple, too.  "Are you going to do purple like me?!!"  Again, how could I not?  So, purple looks different on lady nails than it does on a two year old's nails (almost 3).  I look a lil' trampy.  I also have the holly on one thumb and snow flakes on the other thumb.  There was a gym member in there who thought it was great, a couple who came in, and of course, Ryan loved what we were doing, he charged a stupid awesome price.  Our hands are "pretty".

After that, we were off to get a couple things for a few people at Best Buy, and in came walking Mike and Alex; people I was maybe shopping for.  What are the odds?  Pretty good, since we live in a very small town.  So we were quick to get out of there and off to the next mission.  I can't tell what we did as it will be a wonderful surprise for everyone.  But...I can tell you it will be memorable.

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